Julissa ArceLisa is hands-down the best literary agent anyone can hope to have. I was highly pursued by several literary agents and Lisa stood out among big agencies and boutiques alike. I could not have been happier with my choice. From the book proposal to publication week and beyond, Lisa went above the call of duty. She was professional and tenacious in every step of the process. If you are a writer, you want Lisa Leshne on your team. She will break down every barrier for you. I cannot sing enough praises for Lisa!

Julissa ArceAuthor of MY (UNDERGROUND) AMERICAN DREAM; Immigration Rights Activist; Co-Founder of the Ascend Educational Fund

JesseItzlerI interviewed one literary agent…Lisa. There was no need for me to meet with anyone after that because I saw a trusting, dedicated and hardworking woman who knew the space. My instincts were right and she over-delivered.  Lisa Leshne is someone I trust deeply, someone I like, and definitely someone I know will knock through walls for me. I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough!

Jesse ItzlerNY Times Bestselling Author of LIVING WITH A SEAL; Serial entrepreneur, Marquis Jet and 100 Mile Group co-founder; Atlanta Hawks co-owner

Deborah CopakenHere’s the difference between Lisa Leshne and every other agent out there: when you call, she answers; when you text or email, she responds; when all you have is a vague concept and a desire to see it through, she’ll turn that passion into a three book deal. She also shows up, with enthusiasm and a smile, to every meeting, and fights to make sure both the contract and the book are as good as they can be. Scrupulously honest and direct but also open-hearted and kind, artistically brilliant but also possessing a killer instinct for business, Lisa is the woman you want in your corner, full stop.

Deborah CopakenNY Times bestselling author of several books, including SHUTTERBABE, THE RED BOOK, and the ABCs OF ADULTHOOD; journalist, photographer, Emmy-winning TV producer. 

Dr Harley RotbartI was very fortunate to find my literary agent, Lisa Leshne. A writer’s greatest needs from a literary agent are that the agent: believes in his writing; is energetic in marketing and promoting his work; is responsive to his inevitable panic attacks and neuroses; and follows through on leads, commitments and deadlines. Lisa gets 5 stars in each of those categories.

Harley Rotbart, M.D.Author of MIRACLES WE HAVE SEEN, NO REGRETS PARENTING and 940 SATURDAYS; Professor and Vice Chair Emeritus of Pediatrics at Univ of Colorado School of Medicine and Children's Hospital Colorado

Cynthia BrownAs a first time author whose book has an uncommon subject matter, Lisa had more than her share of challenges representing me. Throughout the process I found her to be extremely knowledgeable about the business of publishing, as well as a constant source of support and encouragement throughout. Lisa is energetic, smart, follows through on every commitment she makes, always returns calls and perhaps most important she is very grounded in reality. Her ideas and suggestions to improve the product have been terrific. Bottom line – Lisa Leshne is outstanding.

Cynthia BrownAuthor of BRAVE HEARTS; Publisher at American Police Beat

FauziaBurke2Lisa Leshne is absolutely, positively one of the best literary agents in the book business. She has a keen eye for developing projects and coaching her clients to write the best book possible, and is a fierce advocate for their interests. Lisa is the most proactive agent I know and has the media contacts that could rival any book publicist’s. An author could do no better and I recommend her without reservation!

Fauzia BurkeAuthor of ONLINE MARKETING FOR BUSY AUTHORS; Founder and President of FSB Associates

Dee Dee DebartloLisa Leshne goes the extra mile and then keeps going until there’s no ground left to cover. She is a well-connected, media-savvy, generous connector who is always looking for opportunities for her clients and their publishers. She is a smart, scrupulous, collaborative, and a creative powerhouse who sees every book as a potential bestseller and every author as a friend. An author couldn’t ask for a better agent and a publisher couldn’t ask for a more committed and collaborative partner.

Dee Dee DebartloFounder & President of Debartlo & Co.; Board Member, Women's Media Group

turney-sweaterLisa was an invaluable part of my process. She helped me every step of the way, from encouraging me to turn my germ of an idea into a book proposal, input on the proposal, communication and negotiations with editors and publishers, and valuable feedback on every draft of my manuscript. She’s the perfect mix of passion, intelligence and integrity. She never stunted my creative vision, but actually encouraged mine – a dream scenario for a writer. I can’t say enough about her work ethic, she ALWAYS promptly returned every phone call, email, snail mail and smoke signal.

From the business side of the equation, she was fantastic. She got me a deal better than I ever dreamed of and fought extremely hard for every penny and deal point.

She’s great to work with on the writing side and the business side. The perfect combination of creativity and professionalism!

Turney DuffNY Times Bestselling Author of THE BUY SIDE; Contributing writer at CNBC.com, Consultant on Showtime's BILLIONS

heather-cabotLisa is the consummate cheerleader and negotiator every hard working author needs. From helping to polish the book idea to coaching on the proposal to strategically pitching it to publishers to getting through the marathon of writing it, she has been there every step of the way offering honest advice, support and guidance. She has both held my hand throughout the process and given me candid feedback along the way. The process of writing a book is deeply personal and you want to share the journey with someone who really understands how hard the journey is and also who can advise you on getting it to market. I am grateful to Lisa for her expertise and her passion for her clients.

Heather CabotCo-author of the upcoming GEEK GIRL RISING; angel investor, adjunct professor at Columbia University School of Journalism, producer, journalist.

RandyPolumboLisa is the ultimate agent for a busy and absorbed creative professional. She looks after the details, thinks ahead of the game always several steps, and her shrewd negotiations far exceed what I could dream up myself. Always pleasant, inspiring, and fun, working with Lisa is more like having coffee with a friend who knows you very well and whose advice you always carefully consider. With Lisa at the “gate” one can concentrate on creating and let the “big gun” manage business, with style, kindness, and uncanny ability to make success.

Randy PolumboAuthor of the ABCs OF ADULTHOOD; Sculptor, photog­rapher, and illustrator; Master builder and LEED AP at PLANT NYC.

Jill SmoklerI can’t sing Lisa’s praises loudly enough. She’s been incredible from the moment I signed with her and not a day goes by where she doesn’t somehow help or support me me. Although I know that I can’t be her only or top priority at all times, she always makes me feel like I am. I can’t imagine writing a book without her!

Jill SmoklerNY Times Bestselling Author of CONFESSIONS OF A SCARY MOMMY; MOTHERHOOD COMES NATURALLY, and SCARY MOMMY'S GUIDE TO THE HOLIDAYS; Founder and President, Scary Mommy.com

stevencohenLisa is spectacular! Over the past 25 years I have been represented by some of the biggest names in publishing. Lisa is not only their peer but a true value-added partner in every step of the process. She is tough, creative, persistent, and a joy to work with!

Steve CohenNY Times beststelling author of seven books, three national bestsellers, most recently GETTING IN: THE ZINCH GUIDE TO COLLEGE ADMISSIONS AND FINANCIAL AID IN THE DIGITAL AGE; Serial entrepreneur, Partner at law firm Davis & Cohen; Member of the Editorial Board of The Observer

Mina SamuelsAs a literary agent, Lisa is high energy and dedicated to her authors. From writing the best book proposal, to selling the book, to marketing follow-up post-publication, Lisa’s enthusiasm never flagged. When she believes in something, she will do everything possible to make sure the project gets what it deserves.

Mina SamuelsNY Times Bestselling co-author of THE THINK BIG MANIFESTO; Author of RUN LIKE A GIRL; Independent Writing and Editing Professional

Samantha WalravensLisa worked closely with us to develop an incredible book proposal that we sold to a top publisher. She is smart, driven and will do anything to support you as an author. She is also super personable, down to earth and fun to work with. She is well connected in the New York literary scene. Publishers know her and want to work with her. Lisa is the real deal. If you’re lucky enough to have her as your literary agent, you will reap the rewards.

Samantha WalravensCo-author of the upcoming GEEK GIRL RISING and editor of TORN: TRUE STORIES OF KIDS, CAREER & THE CONFLICT OF MODERN MOTHERHOOD; angel investor, award-winning journalist and editor