Mina Samuels

Mina SamuelsMina Samuels, is a freelance writer and editor. In addition to many ghostwriting projects, her previous books include a novel, The Queen of Cups, and New York Times Bestseller The Think Big Manifesto, co-authored with Michael Port. When she is not writing she might be off doing triathlons, marathons, biking, cross-country skiing, yoga, rock climbing, kayaking, snowshoeing, or hiking in far off places. You can check her out at her website, blog, Facebook or on Twitter.


RUN LIKE A GIRL: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives
(Seal Press, March, 2011)

The book SELF magazine called “a chicken soup for the athlete’s soul,” Run Like a Girl is part locker-room confidential, inspiring manifesto, and personal memoir, showing us through stories how the confidence women build by participating in sports—whether it’s running or rock climbing, swimming or yoga—can transform our lives in profound ways. Lively, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking, the candid stories of nearly a hundred women fill the pages of Run Like a Girl: from a U.S.-ranked amateur triathlete who’s raising an autistic son, to a woman who runs her first marathon at sixty; and a young mother with scoliosis who cycles her way back to health; as well as sports icons Kathrine Switzer, Rebecca Rusch, and Molly Barker. The women of Run Like a Girl all share how sports helped them overcome life’s obstacles and achieve the happiness and success they’d been running toward.

Press & Praise for RUN LIKE A GIRL

“A chicken soup for the athlete’s soul.”
–SELF magazine, March 2011

“There are lots of good sports books, but rarely beautifully-written ones. Run Like A Girl is both.”
–Mary Brophy Marcus, USA Today

–Running Times, March 2011

“An enthusiastic tribute to women who replace the stigma attached to the term “running like a girl”
with a sense of power and honor.”
–Kirkus Reviews

“…a compelling argument that women who run are much more likely to lead fulfilling lives in any number of ways…”
–Canadian Running, April 2011

“I will give this to every woman I know.”
–CurledUp.com, July 2011

“an engaging read that will have most women nodding their heads in agreement and motivated to keep at the sports they love.”
–Vermont Sports, April 2011

“This no-nonsense book cuts to the core of women’s self esteem and confidence level; should be required reading for every female wanting more out of life.”
–Suite 101, August 2011

“A book that is needed and important and life changing—all the things running has been for us!”
–Kathrine Switzer, author of Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Women’s Sports, Running and Walking for Women Over 40 and co-author of 26.2 Marathon Stories.

For anyone looking for a dose of inspiration before lacing up their sneakers, this book is it: part manifesto, part motivation, use it to go a little farther, faster and feel better about every step. It’s like a breath of fresh air on a day when you want to be outside, in the bright sunshine, enjoying a great run. Now you will be.
–Lucy Danziger, Editor-in-Chief, SELF Magazine, and co-author, The Nine Rooms of Happiness.

 “A compelling and insightful book about using sport and physical activity to balance the extraordinary challenges women face…a ‘must read’ for women athletes and non-athletes alike.”
–Donna Lopiano, founder and president of Sports Management Resources; formerly CEO of the Women’s Sports Foundation

“I was hooked after the first page. Run Like A Girl reminds me, once again, the power and importance of sport in young girls and women’s lives. As a mom and an athlete, I will continue to proudly run like a girl and support my kids as they do the same!”
–Summer Sanders, Gold Medalist and TV personality

Run Like a Girl celebrates the power of sports and fitness in all aspects of life. It speaks to the true gift and value of sport– defining who we are.
–Julie Foudy, Former Captain of the US Women’s Soccer Team and Founder of the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy

“Run Like a Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives strikes a chord and illustrates the transformative power of sports for women and girls.  Sports enlighten, shape, and strengthen us, oftentimes enabling us to live the life we have always dreamed of.  Thank you, Mina, for your commitment to documenting these stories and lessons.”
–Laura Gentile, Vice-President of espnW and ESPN RISE