Jill Smokler

Jill SmoklerJill Smokler is the woman behind the popular ScaryMommy.com blog, which recounts with humor and humility the ups and downs of modern day parenting, and she is the author of the New York Times bestseller, CONFESSIONS OF A SCARY MOMMY, and MOTHERHOOD COMES NATURALLY. The website boasts over 30 MILLION site visits each month, she has over 768,000 Facebook likes, and the Twitter feed keeps almost 368,000 entertained daily! Among her many awards and accolades, Jill was recently named the number three most influential mommy blogger based on social media scoring. Jill’s honest take on parenting has appeared in numerous publications and on television programs, including The Today Show, The New York Times, Good Morning America, Nightline and CNN. A frequent contributor on both news and entertainment media, Smokler lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband and three children. You can follow her at ScaryMommy.com, on twitter and on facebook. You can also download her iphone Confessions app!



Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays
(Gallery, November 17, 2014)

From New York Times bestselling author and acclaimed Scary Mommy blogger Jill Smokler comes a funny and practical guide filled with essays, recipes, and tried-and-true tips sure to get any parent through the holiday season—without losing your marbles.

Ah, the holidays: a time of joy, celebration, serenity, and peace…

Unless, of course, you have whiny, screaming children demanding presents, attention, and a personal appearance by Santa or Judah the Maccabee. Then you’re screwed.

But wait, there’s hope: Scary Mommy Guide to Surviving the Holidays to the rescue!

Yes, in this handy holiday guide, you’ll find everything you need to survive the fall/winter rush of cheer in style, and without having a mental breakdown. From relatable, hilarious essays on everything from the Santa myth to being seated at the dreaded kids’ table, to easy-to-follow recipes that might include just a little something special to take the edge off (can anyone say Kahlua?), to fun and accessible gift ideas, this book is your ticket to peace of mind—and a laugh—during the busy, crazy holiday season!


Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)
(Gallery, April 9, 2013)

From the New York Times bestselling author of Confessions of a Scary Mommy and the wildly popular blog ScaryMommy.com, a hilarious new essay collection exposes the “vicious lies” that every parent is told.

Newly pregnant and scared out of her mind, Jill Smokler lay on her gynecologist’s examination table and was told the biggest lie she’d ever heard in her life: “Motherhood is the most natural thing in the world.”

Instead of quelling her nerves like that well intentioned nurse hoped to, Jill was instead set up for future of questioning exactly what DNA strand she was missing that made the whole motherhood experience feel less than natural to her. Wonderful? Yes. Miraculous? Of course. Worthwhile? Without a doubt. But natural? Not so much.

Jill’s first memoir, the New York Times bestseller Confessions of a Scary Mommy, rocketed to national fame with its down and dirty details about life with her three precious bundles of joy. Now Jill returns with all-new essays debunking more than twenty pervasive myths about motherhood. She’s here to give you what few others will dare: The truth.


(Gallery, April 3, 2012)

Based on her hugely popular website, ScaryMommy.com, Jill Smokler exposes the humorous underbelly of parenthood based on her less-than-perfect experiences as a Baltimore mom of three.

“I shall not judge the mother in the grocery store who, upon entering, hits the candy aisle and doles out M&Ms to her screaming toddler. It is simply a survival mechanism. I shall never ask any woman whether she is, in fact, expecting. Ever. I shall remember that no mother is perfect and my children will thrive because, and sometimes even in spite, of me.”

Hilarious and honest, Jill Smokler isn’t afraid to say what every mom is thinking. Addressing topics that range from pregnancy (who are these women who glow?) to new mommyhood (what you really need to know in the hospital,) and from other people’s kids (who needs friends, anyway?!) to birthday parties (why the “Home Party” is the worst idea ever.) This memoir/advice book is a mix of original personal essays, hilarious anecdotes and selected confessions from other Scary Mommies.

Press and Praise

“Get ready to ditch those Prada shoes and face reality—you haven’t had a brutal boss until you’ve had a baby—hilariously, outrageously truthful. Put this book at the top of your diaper bag!”
—Lauren Weisberger, New York Times bestselling author of The Devil Wears Prada

“Any mother who doesn’t stifle a million knowing laughs while reading Confessions of a Scary Mommy needs to make sure her funny bone wasn’t accidentally sucked into the diaper genie.”
—Julie Klam, New York Times bestselling author of You Had Me a Woof

“Jill offers up the perfect antidote to overly earnest parenting guides. It’s like comfort food for anxious moms, served with a side of snark.”
—Cynthia Copeland, author of The Diaper Diaries and Really Important Stuff My Kids Have Taught Me

“Jill has blown the lid off of what should and should not be said when discussing the experience of motherhood, using her sense of humor and the occasional “F-bomb” — and in doing so, Scary Mommy, has actually made motherhood a little bit less frightening… [Confessions of a Scary Mommy] dares to say the things most mothers have thought, but few have had the courage to admit.”
— ABCnews.com

“Smokler’s “scary mommy” version of motherhood makes no apologies, which is precisely why it succeeds … If motherhood is starting to feel like a story without a plot, my advice is to pretend you’re sick and lock yourself in the bathroom with this book. Highly recommended.”
—Library Journal

“Hilarious, brutal honesty about parenting.”
— New York Times bestselling author Michael Ian Black

“Funny . . . speaks the truths about motherhood when other mothers aren’t willing to admit it.”