Daisy Lewellyn

Daisy LewellynDaisy Lewellyn, (d. 2016) was a TV personality and Style expert known as the Queen of Effortless Chic.  Whether tracking trends for some of the top high fashion publications including Glamour and In Style, or sharing her style expertise on shows including the Rachel Ray, Good Morning America and Martha Stewart XM Radio, Daisy played a significant role in the way women from all walks of life, style themselves. With her “fashion runway to fashion reality” philosophy, Daisy began her career working with some of the most noted names in fashion editorial, as well as A-list celebrities Halle Berry and Courtney Cox. As she covered In Style magazine’s entire accessories market—from luxury brands to cheap finds—Lewellyn was called on to contribute to the magazine’s supplement editions, In Style Makeover and In Style Weddings.  Soon after, she moved on to Glamour, where her multifaceted knowledge of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty stood out. Along with maintaining close relationships with countless designers, working with celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Eva Longoria, answering reader Q&A and shopping the market for the latest fashion and accessories for every season, Daisy tracked down and selected some of the greatest fashion must-haves featured in the critically acclaimed book, Glamour’s Big Book of Dos and Don’ts.


NEVER PAY RETAIL AGAIN: Shop Smart, Spend Less, and Look Your Best Ever  (Gallery, May 2010)

NEVER PAY RETAIL AGAIN shows readers how to get more bang for their buck and build a great wardrobe for a fraction of the price. Making smart spending choices is more important than ever. Daisy Lewellyn, a style expert who covered the fashion and accessories market for several leading fashion magazines, is intimately familiar with every major designer—and more importantly, their less expensive kid sister brands. Packed with savvy advice on how to shop smartly on any budget, this practical guide walks readers through the entire shopping process, offering valuable insider tips and secrets, including how to become friendly with salesgirls so they’ll provide access to the best merchandise (with discounts), transforming clothes you already own for just a few dollars, how to recognize high-quality clothes and accessories at sample sales or department stores and purchase them for rock bottom prices, and even sharing the inside dish on the how the power of $1 can take your closet from drab to fab.